How To Recover, and Thrive, After Splitting From Your Co-Founder

Four years ago Nexalogy CEO Claude Théoret was counting the employees he had to lay off. His company had burned through their $600,000 seed round of investment and he was running out of cash. An ugly split with a former co-founder had divided his team, and Théoret had to turn to his wife for a $40,000 loan.

Jump ahead to today and things are a little different for Théoret, who just agreed to be acquired by Datametrex AI Limited for $5.75 million.

In this episode of Built to Sell radio, you’ll learn:

– The hidden reason many founders can’t raise venture capital

– How to evaluate what it will be like to work for your acquirer before you agree to be purchased

– The types of issues that often derail an acquisition at the last minute

– What Théoret means when he says ‘the devil is going to get his 12%’

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