Could YOU Cash Out Of Your Business?

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Cashing Out of Your Business - Your Last Great Deal

All owners will leave their business one day. 

 Will yours be planned or unplanned?

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If you are the owner of a closely held business and have been considering selling your company, these questions have probably crossed your mind:

The Deal of a Lifetime

Whether you need to diversify your assets by taking all or some of your chips off  the table, want to pursue other passions you put on hold when you started your 

business, or have buyers knocking at your door, how do you get the most for your business?

“How do I maximize the value of my business?”


“How can I receive the most for my years of hard work, sacrifice, investment, and

sweat equity?”


The topics we will be discussing here apply to both internal and external sales for  small-to-mid-size businesses (those having fewer than 500 employees). However, if your plan is to sell your business to a third party, these factors take on an even greater importance. 

Cashing Out of Your Business - Your Last Great Deal