Inside the Mind of a Private Equity Investor


Frank Cottle led an investor group to buy Hi-Mark Software for 10 times EBITDA.  Cottle then sold a chunk for 15 times and ultimately sold his last tranche of equity for more than 16 times EBITDA to Lufthansa.  In this interview, you’ll get deep inside the mind of a private equity buyer and learn:

– three reasons acquisition deals fall apart.

– the difference between your reputation and your brand and which one acquirers value most.

– the definition of “suicide by investor” and the dangers of getting into bed with a private equity group.

– how stock clawbacks can dilute your position to zero in the company you started.

– how a stock re-capitalization works.

– one key decision every entrepreneur must make in growing their company.

– why cross-selling as an investment thesis is flawed.

Listen now for all of Cottle’s lessons.

Selling to a Private Equity (PE) firm can be a high-risk proposition.  While a PE firm may pay cash, more often a PE deal involves you staying on and risking your equity alongside the PE firm, albeit as a diluted and potentially less powerful owner.  The key to getting a deal that works for you is to have some leverage going into a negotiation with a PE buyer and that’s what we focus on with The Value Builder System™.  We want you to enter a negotiation from a position of strength, so you end up getting the very best deal you can when you go to sell your life’s work.

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