Why VEEV Vodka Went for More Than 7 Times Revenue

Courtney Reum left Goldman Sachs in 2007 to start a Vodka business. He built VEEV up to more than $10 million in annual sales before he sold the company for more than seven times revenue.

Reum has gone on to start and invest in a number of businesses through his M13 venture firm, and in this episode you will learn:

  • – Why Reum believes Time is the new money
  • – Reum’s secrets for avoiding dilution when raising money
  • – The danger of “so what” sales
  • – The biggest mistake he sees founders make
  • – Why every company should be built to sell
  • – How to “pre-court” your strategic acquirers
  • – Why you should always sell with lots of “runway” left
  • – About getting “crammed down” and why that’s a bad thing
  • – How venture capital firms rig deals in their favor using preferred shares

This one is jam-packed with knowledge bombs. I think you’ll like it.

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