8 Things That Drive the Value of Your Company

If you’re like a lot of entrepreneurs, you use your Profit & Loss statement as your report card at the end of the year.  You may even use your P&L to figure out what your company is worth by applying a multiple to your profit.  But having worked with and surveyed more than 40,000 entrepreneurs, we have seen examples of companies that fetch up to three times more than the average price for companies in their industry.  Likewise, we’ve seen cases where company’s business value is worth less than half the average multiple of their peer group.

Why would one company be worth two or three times more than a similar company in the same industry?

We have discovered that there are eight factors that actually impact your company’s value more than the industry you’re in.

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– Minimize your company’s reliance on your personal involvement using some of the strategies Tim Ferriss used to reduce the time he spent in this business to just four hours a week.

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