Travel To Thailand – vaccines

Traveling to Southeast Asia has become more popular over the last decade, with thousands of adventurous travelers hitting Thailand and the other countries in the region for fantastic travel experiences. In this article, we’ll take a brief look at some of the most common travel issues people typically face when traveling in this part of the world. We’ll also take a quick look at the possibility of visiting Thailand as a safe way to travel to the region.

When traveling outside of the United States, / there are a few additional travel advisories you should follow. Thailand is strictly a closed country, so please visit their website for any further information on their travel restrictions, which may change from time to time. You should also be aware that most airlines in Thailand no longer offer direct flights to the United States, due to the stricter measures implemented following the September 11th attacks. In addition to this, Thailand’s largest airline, Jetstar Asia, only runs scheduled flights to Tokyo. If you have already booked your travel on a popular airline that operates out of Bangkok, you may be able to move your flight to another destination within Thailand with some flexible travel arrangements. Be sure to contact your travel agent or airline to confirm this information before leaving for your trip.

Starting November 2021, Thailand began issuing travel advisories for travelers originating from the United Kingdom. Due to ongoing issues with Thai officials taking money and transporting travelers between countries, some areas of Thailand have become particularly dangerous for UK travelers. While the United Kingdom Foreign Office released a travel advisory for all travelers starting November 2021, advising travelers to be alert for scams and travel scams, it seems that some people aren’t taking the travel advisory seriously, risking their safety while traveling abroad. The most common problem facing travelers who are departing Thailand for vacations is the risk of paying for airline tickets, getting a passport from a willing foreign national, and missing either the airline ticket or the passport by mistake. This can make traveling to Thailand very problematic for tourists who don’t plan ahead. While traveling by air can be a little bit easier than traveling by sea, there is still a greater risk of having your luggage stolen.

Another issue facing international travel from the United Kingdom is the possibility of catching the flu. Flu season typically begins in late September through early October and ends in early November. Because Thailand is considered a high-risk country for flu outbreaks, most travelers departing from the country should be fully vaccinated before leaving. The World Health Organization recommends that all travelers be vaccinated no matter where they travel. For those traveling from the United Kingdom, the organization has released a FluSense travel guide to help travelers avoid contracting the flu while traveling.

For many tourists, visiting Thailand will mean exploring the country’s natural beauty. Flu season runs from late September through early October, so it is critical that tourists get themselves vaccinated. Those traveling from abroad may have to adhere to special quarantine requirements to comply with these vaccination requirements. Some airlines offer special options for those traveling to Thailand under quarantine conditions.

Those traveling from abroad will find that the climate in Thailand is one of the most welcoming in the world. The climate is hot and humid throughout the year, but the best time to travel the north is from March to May. Travelers heading towards Bangkok should take the summer months into consideration, as temperatures are moderate during this time. From late March to late May, the weather in Thailand is hot and humid, so travelers heading toward this destination should prepare for an extended stay.

The travel industry in Thailand is highly regulated to ensure the protection of the travelers and the Thai authorities at all times. Every aspect of travel from the boarding to the ground is monitored by various government agencies, including airport security. When traveling to Thailand, it is essential that travelers ensure they have received their fully vaccinated against any diseases. This will ensure safe travel and a hassle-free trip no matter where one is traveling in Thailand.

When traveling to other countries in Asia or traveling within Asia, it is important to have yourself fully vaccinated before departure. You can contact your travel agent for details on where to receive your vaccination at the time of booking. For those traveling to Thailand from other countries, one can also contact the Thai National Health Office for details on where to receive your completely vaccinated. For those already traveling to this part of the world, it is advisable to contact the office and receive your completely vaccinated before traveling to Thailand.

The Benefits of Travel

Travel is a great way to celebrate milestones and events, and it can also make you a better person. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding or a babymoon, traveling with the family is a great way to create a lasting memory that’s meaningful to both of you. It’s also an excellent way to gather your family from all over, from the farthest reaches of the world. And if you’re not traveling as a family, / consider bringing along the entire family.

While traveling, you’ll meet new people, try new foods, and get a new perspective on life. You’ll also discover different cultures, beliefs, and ideas. By doing so, you’ll broaden your perspective and become a more global citizen. The benefits of traveling are endless. You’ll gain a new perspective and be a more well-rounded person after traveling to various destinations. You’ll never have the same experience twice.

One way to get the most bang for your buck is to buy insurance that offers cancellation benefits. This type of travel insurance reimburses up to 70% of nonrefundable trip costs in the event that your travel plans change. Whether you decide to go with an individual plan or a group policy, you’ll find that you can customize your coverage to fit your unique needs. If you’re looking for travel insurance for a specific trip, you’ll need to do some research.

In addition to the physical benefits of travel, it’s an excellent way to expand your mind. By experiencing new places and meeting new people, you’ll expand your horizons and expand your perspectives. You may discover a new skill or two. You’ll be surprised by what you’ll learn when you take on a challenge. And it will make you feel a lot happier. The best part about travel is that it’s an excellent way to meet new people and learn about yourself.

The word “travel” has many origins, but the word itself may be an archaic word, which means “work.” The Merriam-Webster dictionary says the first use of the term was in the 14th century. Its roots can be traced back to the Middle English words travels and travails, which mean “to work.” But even if you’re traveling for pleasure, the purpose of traveling is to enjoy life. There is no reason to settle for mediocrity.

Ecotourism benefits both the environment and the local community. The use of sustainable tourism is becoming increasingly common in the United States, where environmental concerns are a growing concern. The use of eco-apartments and eco-friendly hotels reduces carbon footprint and preserves freshwater sources. These practices are important, and you’re not only helping the environment by visiting an environmentally-friendly place. The benefit of traveling for vacation is that you’re not only getting a sense of the culture, but also a deeper appreciation for the local people and the environment.

There are several benefits to ecotourism. It helps keep the surroundings clean and allows you to interact with locals. Many travel agencies claim to be environmentally conscious, but it’s worth checking their credentials to be sure. To be sure, look for a sustainability statement from the travel agency you choose or check out their links to foundations that support conservation. These certifications show that the provider has put their customers’ interests first, and they will do whatever it takes to protect the environment and the local culture.

In many parts of the world, mass tourism has a negative impact on the environment, and many of the most beautiful places are threatened by mass tourism. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the impact of your travel on the environment and to protect it. By choosing ecotourism, you’re supporting local communities and the natural environment. Your trip to Rwanda should be a memorable one, and it will help you to make a positive impact on the world.

During the dry season, Rwanda is often crowded with tourists. During this time, it’s best to plan your trip around these conditions. The longest dry season is from December to February, and the shortest is from May to December. Mountain Gorillas are the number one attraction in Rwanda, making this country’s national parks an ideal destination for a family vacation. The park is home to more than ten habituated gorilla families, and the park is also an ecotourism hotspot, with several other attractions and activities.

Thai tourism sector How to continue

The Covid outbreak is set zero in the Thai tourism sector. How long this recovery will be sustained and how much volatility can be accommodated depends on the choice of pathway to get out of this crisis.
Thai shouldReposition a new tourism sector under 2 principles, namely (1) “Value over volume” approach and (2) Diversification approach, starting from building on activities that Thailand has the potential to compete in the past. Along with creating new activities that are expected to increase demand
In the future , the tourism sector should focus on expanding the group./Frequency of both Thai and foreign tourists in the region to be more diversified in 3 groups: health tourism Tourism that can experience the life of local people and work-related tourism to generate stable income and more balanced distribution
An important helper to help change is the unity of government agencies and policy driving mechanisms. Infrastructure for both transportation and tourism platforms and measures to support business adaptation, such as funding, regulatory adjustments, and up-skilled workers.

​Since the beginning of last year, the Thai tourism sector has been severely affected by COVID-19. by analysts This year, Thailand may have less than 500,000 foreign tourists (from nearly 40 million in 2019.that generates approximately2 trillion baht or 11% of GDP) looking forward The COVID outbreak will not only have a short-term impact. but will change the behavior of tourists around the world Increased emphasis on health and hygiene It’s a safe trip avoiding the crowds. travel closer prefer to travel with niche travel more than the traditional mass travel and focus on using technology to increase comfort throughout the journey The main problem of the country is when the tourism sector will recover. We still have to take this opportunity. Review and restructure the tourism sector in order to return to growth and drive the Thai economy sustainably in the post-Covid world.

Interesting issues from the seminar “Fah Lang Fon, a New Dimension for Thai Tourism” 1 jointly held by the Bank of Thailand and Visa International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in June 2021, has presented the article Revitalizing Thailand’s tourism sector: In search of enablers for future sustainability point to the problem that traditional tourism models in Thailand could increase the vulnerability and volatility of the tourism sector / in the post-COVID world. both from generating income through excessive dependence on the number of foreign tourists while tourists spend less There is also a problem of concentration in both the nationality of tourists. Old tourist attractions and travel periods, the article presents a new tourism model underTwo principles are (1) “Value over volume” approach and (2) Diversification approach to increase the spending value of foreign tourists. If it can be increased from 48,000 baht per person to 60,000 baht, it will allow Thailand to receive the same income but with only 32 million tourists, as well as to increase the balance in the tourism sector in various dimensions, such as distribution of sources of income. to rely on a more diverse tourist market to stabilize tourism income and help mitigate future risks as well as increase the distribution of income through supporting tourism in secondary cities more And most importantly, tourism must not create as much environmental costs as in the past.

In addition, the tourism sector restructuring to this new model It will create more investments in the tourism sector, such as digital investments to support the Contactless trend and tourism platforms. improvement of tourist attractions and investment in the transportation system From the present, Thailand invests only 13% of tourism revenue. Compared with other competitor countries such as the Philippines and Malaysia, which accounted for 21% and 27% respectively, and will result in the allocation of production resources. Both capital goods, machinery and labor go where they will get the best results and will contribute to increasing productivity. In this regard, the tourism sector has been transformed to be more dependent on capital factors. With the tourism sector reliant on natural resources and large labourers (more than 7 million people, accounting for 20% of total employment), during the transition some workers needed to adapt their skills to new trends. While surplus workers need to be cared for, they can transition to other service sectors that may become more popular in the future, such as Hospitality and wellness related services.

Thailand should reposition the tourism sector by focusing on tourism groups that are expected to have increased demand This starts by expanding on activities that Thailand has the potential to compete in the past (Old legacy), such as nature or culture. along with creating new activities such as health tourism Tourism to experience local life that adds value and incentives. along with the expansion of the group / frequency of tourism of Both Thai and foreign tourists in the region (Regional travelers) such as Japan, Taiwan, due to the trend of behavioral changes in tourists choosing to travel more near distances, especially tourists who prefer to travel on their own.(Free Independent Travelers: FIT) or Customized tour group , which will spend about 51,000 baht per trip per person, higher than the tour group at about 39,000 baht and focusing on supporting 3 main groups of tourists:

(1) Medical & wellness tourism group that will be more popular which is a group that has a cost per trip up to about 80,000-120,000 baht and create added value to the Thai economy more than 80% of the income received

(2) Green & community-based tourism group , which will stimulate tourism in secondary cities and reduce over-tourism. Moreover, income from tourists in this group also creates added value to the economy about 60-80% of the income received. as well

(3) Business groups such as investors and professional staffs who come to work in Thailand Or come to organize seminars in Thailand, including work from anywhere groups and followers, which are potential groups that spend high because they tend to stay for a long time (Expenses per trip for long-stay groups, accommodation for more than 14 days ≈ 75,000 baht) and tend to increase in accordance with the policy of attracting foreign investment and personnel to work in Thailand.

This is because the Thai tourism sector has various related businesses. The key point in driving the restructuring is centralized and interconnected policies. This requires cooperation from all parties in the ecosystem.

• The labor sector must increase skills or adjust their aptitudes in accordance with new trends. Meanwhile, the business sector has to speed up adjustments to places, routes, and tourism activities, including accommodation, to increase the attractiveness of secondary cities and the low season. To attract a variety of tourists and spend higher

• The government sector has clearly defined development directions, goals and plans. This is set out in the 13th National Economic and Social Development Plan and to achieve practical results. The government must (1) have a united driving agency. so that policies in all dimensions are consistent and can be implemented in a timely manner; (2) create a mechanism for driving a clear strategic plan Incentive policies, such as visitation or other prices and quotas, may be considered to restructure the tourism sector to meet more spatial and time-bound goals, as many countries such as the United States set. Entry to national parks during the peak season is twice as high as normal, and the Philippines imposes a quota of 6,405 daily visitors to Boracay island (3).both the transportation system to connect the secondary cities and use technology to make tourism more Contactless and Seamless, especially upgrading the tourism platform to serve as a marketing channel to attract target tourists with a Track & Trace system to build confidence for tourists. including being a comprehensive and fast tourism sector database for the benefit of both business and policy makers; and (4) supporting the adjustment of business and labor sectors in accordance with new tourism trends. or if businesses or workers need to leave the tourism sector There must be a mechanism to facilitate adaptation to a sector that can continue to expand. to take care not to waste too many resources both financial supportdifferent rules adjustmentand Up-skilled Reskilled Labor, etc.

• People play an important role in maintaining tourist attractions to be complete and attractive. and help create a good tourism atmosphere for visitors

The Covid outbreak is set zero in the Thai tourism sector. How long will the recovery be sustained in the next phase? It depends on choosing the path to get out of this crisis. The new path, although not easy, is necessary. so that the Thai tourism sector can return to grow in the sky after the rain that is brighter than in the past

How to Travel Safely to Thailand

The term “travel” is a general term referring to the movement of humans from one location to another. It can be one-way or round trip and may include short stays between successive movements. The process of travel is commonly known as tourism. There are many different ways to travel and many different reasons people choose to do it. Read on for some tips and ท่องเที่ยว (Link Home Page) tricks for traveling abroad. Listed below are some important steps to stay healthy during your trip.

Before traveling, check your vaccination status and be aware of any potential risks. Travelers need to be tested for COVID-19 if they plan to travel to areas with high levels of infection. It is important to know your health status and the risks associated with a particular destination. Rules for traveling to the U.S. vary depending on the country from which you are traveling and the origin of your trip. Make sure to follow any government and airline travel advisories before you leave.

If you are traveling internationally, it’s important to be aware of the possible risks of COVID-19 infection. Before traveling to any new destination, it’s important to be tested for the disease to determine whether it can cause serious health problems. There are specific guidelines to follow for travelers from countries with high transmission rates. For example, if you’re planning to visit a country that has high COVID-19 rates, you should be aware of this risk.

Before traveling to the U.S., you should know what your travel itinerary requires. You will need to register at the airport 72 hours before departure. It’s crucial to have a negative P.C.R. test. You’ll need to have this test performed within five days of arrival. If you’re traveling without these documents, you’ll need to undergo a Covid test at the airport. You will be quarantined for 14 days if you have a positive result. If you’re a child, you don’t need to worry about this – but if you are a non-national, you will need health insurance.

While Thailand doesn’t currently have a state of emergency, it’s still a good idea to consider vaccination before traveling. There are also several precautionary measures that you can take to prevent any possible illnesses before you get to Thailand. The CDC recommends that you wear a mask if you’re planning to do outdoor activities. Additionally, take a photo of your passport. Despite all of these precautions, it’s still a good idea not to travel to the country unprepared.

Vaccination is necessary even if you’re going to Thailand because of the risk of contracting COVID-19. This virus is transmitted by mosquitoes that bite humans. You can protect yourself against the disease by getting vaccinated in advance. You can visit the CDC website to see a full list of vaccines. Having the correct vaccination is essential for your health. There are many places in the world that have this virus and it is difficult to prevent all cases from occurring.

It’s important to know the risks of traveling to Thailand. There are many different countries that have strict laws that prohibit traveling to certain countries. The best place to travel is the one where you feel safe. There are some common safety precautions you can take, but they aren’t mandatory. However, you should be prepared for any situation that may arise. The health of travelers in Thailand should be the top priority. If you’re ill, it’s best to consult a physician to ensure your safety.

Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia are safe for travelers who are fully vaccinated. During the outbreak, these countries were closed to international visitors for a month. But now, Singapore is reopening its borders to international visitors on July 1. There are no more quarantine restrictions for these countries, which is great news for travelers who wish to visit Southeast Asia. So, make sure you’re fully protected when traveling to these countries. If you don’t have the required vaccines, don’t worry. Vaccination is essential.

When traveling to Southeast Asia, you need to be fully vaccinated. In some cases, the countries have no vaccination requirements, but it’s best to be fully vaccinated when you visit. In addition, you need to avoid visiting countries that have high levels of covid. In some countries, it’s a good idea to be vaccinated before you travel. A country is also a great place for travelers who are traveling with children.


travel Refers to travel for recreation or for fun, excitement or knowledge. The United Nations Tourism Organization ( English : World Tourism Organization ) defines that tourism means traveling. by a distance of more than 40 kilometers from the house for recreational purposes Tourism in Thailand has developed since 1924 during the reign of King Boromwongse Krom Phra Kamphaeng Phet Akarayothin. when he was a railway commander which at that time, tourism in Thailand It is also a tourism to see the nature and government. or important places that foreigners who come to Thailand create But about 10 years ago, the World Tourism Organization ( has defined 3 main forms of tourism as follows:

1) Natural based tourism

2) Cultural based tourism

3) Special interest tourism

1. Natural based tourism consists of

1.1 Ecotourism means tourism in natural sites that are unique to local and cultural sites related to ecosystems. There is a collaborative learning process among those involved in environmental management and local participation tourism to focus on creating awareness of sustainable ecosystem preservation.

1.2 Marine ecotourism means tourism. Responsible for endemic marine natural resources and tourist attractions related to marine ecosystems There is a collaborative learning process of stakeholders under local environmental management and participatory tourism. To aim to create awareness of sustainable ecosystem preservation

1.3 Geological tourism (Geo-tourism) refers to tourism in natural resources that are rock cliffs, sandstone terraces, cave tunnels, Nam Lod caves, stalactites and stalagmites. To see the beauty of the landscape with the strange changes of the world space Study the nature of rocks, soils, minerals and fossils, gain new knowledge and experience. on the basis of responsible tourism Have a conscience to protect the environment where local people are involved in tourism management

1.4 Agro tourism means traveling to agricultural areas, agricultural plantations, agroforestry, herb gardens, livestock farms and animal husbandry to appreciate the beauty. Success and enjoyment in the farm Gain knowledge and experience new experiences based on responsibility Have a conscience to preserve the environment of that place

1.5 Astronomical tourism Astrological tourism means traveling to see the astronomical phenomena that occur in each agenda such as the solar eclipse, meteor shower, lunar eclipse and viewing the zodiac stars that appear in the sky each month. for learning the solar system have knowledge of impression Increased memories and experiences On the basis of responsible tourism with awareness of preserving the local environment and culture. where local people participate in sustainable co-management

2. Cultural based tourism consists of

2.1 Historical tourism means traveling to archaeological sites. and history To appreciate and enjoy the sights, gain knowledge and understanding of history and archeology. Local basis of responsibility and awareness of preserving cultural heritage and values. of the environment by which the local people Contribute to tourism management

2.2 Cultural and traditional tourism means tourism. to see various traditions that the local villagers have organized to enjoy and marvel at the aesthetic arts to study beliefs respect respect for ceremonies and understanding of social and cultural conditions have new experiences Increased on the basis of responsibility and / awareness of environmental preservation and cultural heritage. where local people are involved in tourism management

2.3 Rural tourism / village tourism means traveling in the village. rural life style and creative works with special uniqueness, outstanding for the enjoyment of knowledge, see the creations and folk wisdom have an understanding of local culture On the basis of responsibility and awareness of preserving cultural heritage and values ​​of the environment. where local people are involved in tourism management

3. Special interest tourism consists of

3.1 Health tourism refers to tourism in natural and cultural resources for relaxation and learning how to maintain physical and mental health and enjoy. and aesthetics Knowledge of preserving values and good quality of life Concerned about preserving the environment and local culture by engaging local people in sustainable tourism management. In addition, some of this health tourism may be formatted as health beauty and spa tourism.

3.2 Educational and religious tourism Edu-meditation tourism means traveling for excursions, exchanging knowledge from religious philosophies, seeking knowledge, the truth of life, and practicing meditation to gain new experiences and knowledge. Increased value and good quality of life, conscious of preserving the environment and local culture Local people participate in sustainable tourism management. In addition, some tourists focus on learning Thai culture and wisdom, such as Thai cooking, Thai massage, Thai dancing, Thai boxing, crafts and Thai arts and crafts. including steering elephants and mahouts, etc.

3.3 Ethnic tourism means traveling to learn about the way of life and culture of the villagers. Culture of ethnic minorities or tribes such as the Thai Song village Phu Thai Village Kui village Karen village Chinese villages, etc., in order to gain new experiences and knowledge, increase the value and good quality of life, and be conscious of the preservation of the local environment and culture. where local people are involved in sustainable tourism management

3.4 Sports tourism means traveling to play sports according to their aptitude and interest in sports such as golf, diving, fishing, snooker, surfboard, water skiing, etc., in order to gain enjoyment, fun and excitement. Gain more experience and new knowledge. Increased value and good quality of life Conscious about preserving the environment and local culture where local people are involved in sustainable tourism management

3.5 Adventure travel means traveling to natural attractions with special characteristics. that tourists who travel to have fun, excitement, horror, adventure, memories, safety and new experiences

3.6 Home stay & farm stay means a group of tourists who wish to live close to their local families visiting to learn local wisdom and local culture. gain more life experience with awareness of preserving the environment and local culture It is a sustainable tourism management of the local community.

3.7 Long stay means a group of end-users after retirement from work who wish to live abroad mainly. To add to the fifth factor of life is travel by traveling abroad on average 3-4 times a year, at least 1 month at a time

3.8 Incentive travel means the organization of tours for a group of customers of a successful company. (Excellence) in selling that product. according to the target or beyond the target, such as a group of car dealership representatives Representative of the electrical distribution company Representative of the cosmetic company from different regions or provinces that can sell that kind of product as much as the local distributors are aiming for rewarding and organizing tours. by paying travel expenses Accommodation and meals during the trip for traveling companions It is a list of camping trips from 2-7 days. It is a tour guide to various places It might be a blended tour program. or a tour program in one form or another

3.9 Tourism for meetings (MICE means M=meeting/I=incentive/C=conference/E=exhibition) is a tour arrangement for a group of customers of the meeting organizers. There is a pre-meeting tour program (pre-tour) and a post-tour tour program by organizing travel programs in various formats throughout the country to serve the attendees directly. or for those traveling with the meeting (Husband or wife) may be a day trip program. or a 2 – 4 day overnight stay program with a flat rate that includes food and travel services

3.10 Combined tourism is another form of tourism managers Travel selects the types of tourism that have been mentioned above. bring to organize a travel itinerary In order for tourists to get the difference between a long trip lasting from 2-7 days or more, such as eco-agro tourism, agro- and historical tourism (agro-historical tourism) eco-tourism and adventure (eco-adventure travel), geo-historical tourism, agricultural and cultural tourism. (agro-cultural tourism), etc.

In addition, at present Tourism has taken into account the needs or behavior of additional tourists, resulting in a new conceptual tourism model, such as Green tourism, where tourists want to conserve nature or help reduce global warming, such as tourism in Koh Samui or War tourism where tourists Want to experience the past during the war, such as touring the Bridge on the River Kwai Kanchanaburi or Volunteer tourism where tourists are volunteers to help perform service activities. in places and continue to travel, such as having volunteers to help work on the Tsunami in Thailand, etc.

In summary, tourism in Thailand There are various depending on the behavior of the tourists themselves. and depends on changes in the social and cultural structure. The effect of tourism will be positive or negative. Depends on how tourists behave

Online Travel Business

Information and communication technology (ICT) has been used in the tourism industry to increase the efficiency of transactions and
create competitive opportunities Although the growth of the online travel business is not noticeable when compared to other countries. but began to play a role and
Familiarize yourself with tourists, such as buying electronic tickets (e-Tickets), making reservations, etc.

This article presents information technology in the tourism industry. Website development of tourism promotion organizations
and private entrepreneurs impact of information technology and human resource development guidelines that are in line with the online travel business

1. Characteristics of travel service products

Travel service products are products that rely on technology and information systems as the basis. Booking, ordering will focus on accuracy.
of information, which leads to the acquisition of desired physical goods and services, such as the purchase of air tickets Travelers begin by searching for information about seats, flights, schedules and prices, and then continue with activities such as booking, order confirmation. purchase agreement
If there is a change in the transaction, it will make changes to the data and information before reaching the product and service. travel products and services
There are many special features that differ from other physical products such as

Products and services have a very short lifespan. It’s simple and complicated , for example, a hotel that can’t sell a room in a timely manner results in a loss of revenue.

It is an invisible product and service. Can’t check the quality or try it before trading. Consumers feel risks and uncertainties. Therefore, the credibility of information is important for purchasing decisions.

Travel services products consist of basic goods or services that are put together. They differ by geography,
composition and characteristics .

Owners of goods and services cannot deliver goods to customers on their own , for example
by airlines flying to different locations. There can be agents but cannot have offices or distribution channels for many products in every route because
high fixed cost

It is a product that contains information as a component. When customers make purchase decisions, they will receive only abstract products and services. The form of goods and services therefore depends on information presented through various channels such as websites, storytelling, brochures, televisions, etc. The imperfections of the information market are one of the reasons why the value chain of the tourism market is required. There are many departments, organizations and businesses involved.

Tourism Management Organization (DMO) is the agency of the country that facilitates
convenience to consumers and suppliers of goods and services in accessing information and build confidence in the quality of information

A tour operator (Tour Operator) collects offers and services from the owner of the goods and services. is the main channel
and help reduce the cost of accessing information to consumers as well as reduce the cost of marketing information for the product owner or supplier

Travel agents are traditional intermediaries and perform a variety of functions, including information
brokers, passing information from owners to consumers. As a consultant to customers to provide assistance with products. tourist attraction
Acting as an intermediary and distributing travel services products to final consumers Help reduce uncertainty for consumers. Reduce service gaps
and reduce marketing information costs for product owners and travel management companies

A supplier or owner is a business unit that owns travel goods or services, such as airlines, transport companies, accommodation, car rentals, boats, restaurants, who provide services or are directly related to tourists, travelers.

Global Distribution Systems (GDS) are used to manage current inventory prices such as Amadeus, Galileo, Worldspan and SABER.

customers, tourists It is the most important element of the value chain. Service owners try to access customer data to study history. Develop knowledge of tastes, preferences, habits and buying behaviors The information obtained leads to business opportunities.

2. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Tourism Industry The tourism industry has introduced information technology.
and communication (ICT) as a tool in every element of the industry. Since the introduction of the reservation system by computer
(Computerized Reservations Systems or CRS) to use with airlines. and transformed into a global
distribution system (Global Distribution System: GDS) when the distribution system was developed via the Internet, enabling operators and customers in the industry
They have gained more benefits such as flexible and convenient transactions. Reach more customers low distribution costs
Easy to identify and target customers, can distribute products all over the world. and can use the mixed media to promote and
public relations However, internet transactions are flawed in the lack of interpersonal interaction in between.
Transactions or lack of incentives for continued sales of goods and services, the current developed countries will meet the demand.
Consumers with information and communication technology (ICT) through the main elements of tourism are as follows: ICT has been involved in various forms of transportation such as airlines, buses, taxis, equipment must be installed.
good communication Install a radio communication system, GPS system, and other assistive devices in order to provide customers with confidence in safety.
Airlines must be equipped with tools that provide a variety of information, such as climate. height and information systems used for communication
with other airlines and aircraft control stations Use of information technology for in-flight entertainment such as gaming,


Accommodation Tourists use information technology to access accommodation. Searching for accommodation sources at information destinations
That has been used to decide the price, number of days off. Searching can be done from home or work, saving costs.
Travel and contact time with travel agents, travelers can send information back to business or family during the trip.
It can be used for entertainment such as video, television, games, or as a substitute for a business trip such as a teleconference. In addition, information technology is used to manage accommodation such as computerized reservation system (CRS), billing system, receipt system, security system. modern telephone service In-room entertainment and internet access

tourist attraction It is necessary to communicate or inform tourists about the type of attraction, location, how to get there, the owner of the attraction must disseminate information through video, Internet, website, television advertising and brochures.

facilities At present, technology and information systems must be procured to increase efficiency. and facilitate
for tourists, such as issuing visas, passing through customs service booking system bag conveying system etc. It can be concluded that ICT
plays a role in the tourism industry as follows:
ICT creates opportunities to expand and accelerate the growth of the tourism industry
ICT is a tool to reduce costs in reaching target customers
ICT is a tool for collecting and distributing information. ICT knowledge
facilitates networking among stakeholders in the tourism industry.
ICT improves operational and management efficiency in the tourism industry.
ICT as a training tool Educate and build capacity for personnel in the tourism industry.
ICT has an effect on reducing and increasing employment.

Distribution of travel products and services via the Internet and computers.

Difficulty finding information to meet consumer needs And matching the exact requirements between service providers
and consumers, tourism businesses need to find tools to facilitate transactions, tools for managing distribution systems.
has been developed continuously All the time, entrepreneurs in the tourism industry need tools to help distribute.
in order to be able to meet the needs of consumers in a timely manner Distribution of tourism through the Internet and computers.
can be divided into 3 types

The Global Distribution Systems ( GDSs ) and
The Computer Reservation Systems ( CRSs) serve as intermediaries in the supply chain for the distribution of travel products
. use the phone is a service booking system Distributing and providing information services through computers which
Support the sale of seats on the airlines. and related products such as hotels and car rentals to sales departments all over the world as a link between the seller and
System users, including Travel agents The main GDS systems are Amadeus, Galileo, SABRE, and World Span.
The main system of the tourism industry and its importance today, hotels or airlines that are not connected to the GDS system will lose a lot of revenue
from the tourism business.
The Internet and ICT are tools that help tourism industry stakeholders access the tourism market to provide and receive services
. It is a tool that competes with the GDS system and causes travel intermediaries to reshape their business models because
The Internet allows consumers to cut off intermediaries. (Disintermediation) or change the use of intermediaries. (Reintermediation) from
traditional travel agents as agents in the online system.
Airlines is also a business unit that is a leader in developing new technologies to reduce distribution costs and create efficiency.
such as the use of electronic tickets (e-Tickets), the use of automatic check-in systems

3. Online Travel Online travel is the most successful e-commerce. Travel service booking
Online accounts for 25% of all travel bookings.
3. Travel business website The tourism industry is a very competitive industry when organizations, agencies,
using the Internet as a distribution channel public relations Competitiveness in building the integrity of information presentations
And designing the website to have a beautiful appearance (Appearance) is important to bring to sales. because of tourism products
It is a product that relies on information as the main component apart from the physical product and service. Comparison of the appearance
of the website (Appearance) can be divided into many dimensions such as beauty and completeness of information content. web developer
Must pay attention to the properties of information. Knowledge of techniques such as information access, review, security
Personnel in the organization must have discipline and care about information such as keeping information up-to-date, current, accurate and
complete. At the same time, it takes someone with knowledge of graphics to make a website look attractive.
But it is accessible and easy to use.

Tourists need different travel information at different times of their travels. tourists search for information
before traveling to help you decide or plan your trip when arriving at the destination need information to solve problems found in
during the trip or search for a place what attracts attention After a trip, travelers want to share their experiences, provide
feedback, suggestions and complaints, so a successful website design is about meeting expectations.
and customer needs Design starts with identifying needs. expectations and problems After that, design a website.
to meet the needs expectation or problem solving The key design criterion is navigation.
Consistency, results, visualization and quality assurance As well as checking the properties of a good website. Features of a good website
include the ability to search. speed of access Calling a website or Download is a website that can be modified
(Dynamic) information can be adapted to the needs. interesting and enough Various technologies are used, sound, animation,
video and interactive maps are used to make the website attractive and well-known. Well-designed and presented, the
service can be booked immediately. There is maintenance, care and updating of information. There are connections to other websites. and have made advertisements public relations
both online and offlineCreating a website should be grouped with information to suit tourists according to market opportunities.
Marketing niche groups such as singles market, teenagers, vacation after graduation career change retirement period vacation
Including the presentation of information for the audience, such as information for general tourists, business customers, mass media
and tourism organizations. Currently, tourism trends in the Asia-Pacific region have changed from the original. such as focusing
on activities and travel experiences development of low-cost airlines Transformation of Travel Agents
to Travel Consultants The continued growth of online transactions. Tourism that adapts to needs
(Customized Tours) of each customer attaches great importance to communication and accuracy of information
(UNWTO OMT IOHBTO, 2006). Therefore, the format of travel products and services offered on the website must be consistent with their requirements.
consumer behavior and adjust to keep up with the changes that occur

3.1 Main tourism websites of different countries From a comparative study of 32 travel websites
, selected from countries where international tourists are most popular. and countries ranked according to the tourism competitiveness index
Found that each website has a similar function or main menu on the home page. Because it is the main service or information that tourists generally want.
but differ in details and completeness of information including the image, beauty, function or main menu that must appear on the first page
of the website

3.2 Singapore and Thailand websites
The study of the Singapore and Thailand websites aimed to compare the differences between the two websites.
to be used as a guideline for improving the tourism website of Thailand

From the comparison of the main websites of tourism in Singapore and Thailand, it is found that they are similar in beauty, but there are two quite obvious differences: completeness, completeness of information. Information and Service and linking from the main website to the relevant website in Singapore has a better way of presenting it. There are also more interesting points as follows – The layout of the main content of the Singapore website meets the needs of tourists and is easier to understand than the Thailand website – The Singapore website puts all the travel-related information on the main page. But Thai websites must combine information from many websites to get complete information – The content layout of the Tourism Authority of Thailand website lacks a holistic analysis of the needs of tourists. It is the combination of information for each province. Although it provides details, ท่องเที่ยว it may not be suitable for tourists who do not know Thailand well enough to search for information by provinces, which are sub-destinations. Linking the website of Singapore is better than Thailand because it will open sales for other products. related to tourism (Cross Selling), such as tourism for health Educational tourism, etc. – Singapore’s website offers information in a storytelling manner to better capture the attention of tourists, such as 20 unique activities to do in Singapore, the story of The Merlion, the symbol of Singapore. Food and attractions categorized according to interests. health tourism Educational tourism, etc. – Singapore’s website offers information in a storytelling manner to better capture the attention of tourists, such as 20 unique activities to do in Singapore, the story of The Merlion, the symbol of Singapore. Food and attractions categorized according to interests. health tourism Educational tourism, etc. – Singapore’s website offers information in a storytelling manner to better capture the attention of tourists, such as 20 unique activities to do in Singapore, the story of The Merlion, the symbol of Singapore. Food and attractions categorized according to interests.

3.3 Thai private tourism websites

A study of the websites of private companies doing tourism business. This is a comparative study of data from 79 websites
to analyze their functions. Providing services and information After that, they were grouped into groups to find relationships

Tips to expand customer base in travel after covid Business owners need to know!

from the epidemic of COVID-19 The past has changed everything. which affects the tourism industry the most with lockdown measures in each country causing business disruption because not everyone can travel Even now the situation is starting to unravel. Many countries have begun easing lockdown measures. But the trend of tourism booming again is still difficult. As long as no vaccine has been discovered In addition, the behavior of consumers has changed. Therefore, business owners have to find new channels. To build confidence that tourism after covids can move forward
Short trips, the hot new trend of post-COVID tourism
Data from the Krungthai Compass Research Center found that people’s travel behaviors have changed. Until a new trend in tourism has emerged, with people traveling to nearby places. focus on nearby provinces or a staycation vacation that has come back to be popular again Because it saves money, takes less time, doesn’t need to plan a trip like in the past There is also a McKinsey survey on Chinese tourists. It indicates that 55% of Chinese tourists have a greater desire to travel domestically. Demonstrates a change in behavior. This is a result of economic conditions and concerns about the spread of COVID-19. Causing me to not dare to travel abroad
From the above information It can be considered a new and challenging problem for the tourism industry that must adapt to keep up. Therefore, if business owners want to adapt to expand their customer base and meet the needs of post-COVID tourism can be done as follows

Tips to expand customer base in travel after covid

Cleanliness and Safety COVID-19 has made it clear that people are becoming more aware of their safety. and changing behaviors by focusing on health and cleanliness For this reason, entrepreneurs must focus on cleanliness as the first priority, such as cleaning public areas. Every 1 hour inside the accommodation, staff must wear masks at all times. and social distancing to build confidence for
touristsThe slowdown in the economy in recent months Many people began to tighten their belts and spend more cautiously. Traveling is probably the last option that comes to mind, and lowering prices is one of the secrets that business owners can attract to travelers, such as converting from short-term stays to monthly breaks. Or make promotions for cheaper nights to make them more accessible in a recession. And don’t forget to highlight the highlight of the accommodation. Especially if there is a location near the city, it can be used as a selling point for convenient transportation to attract tourists.

Look for new travel trends.adjusting the business to meet the needs of consumers It has been proven to be a key factor in ensuring every business survives in a crisis situation. Especially the tourism business after COVID has made tourists change their travel behaviors. Until becoming a travel trend in 2020, the travel trends that are expected to be popular after COVID-19 include:
health tourism When people turn to care more about health and safety. Have a shorter travel plan As a result, this type of tourism has gained attention. The tourism business may focus on organizing health programs. Eating clean or super food, yoga classes, spa and / detox to rejuvenate the body and mind, etc., can also attract the attention of tourists. Plus, our country has a specialty in health services that are known around the world and are widely accepted. There is also information from the Kasikorn Research Center that health tourism has continued to expand. Call it a supplement that helps make a difference to the business. If taking this trend as a selling point in the future
adventure travel When quarantine means everyone stays at home Working from home hasn’t traveled anywhere in the past few months. Therefore, there is a need to travel to relax. Do challenging activities like adventurous excursions that take in the scenery. breath of fresh air This form of post-COVID tourism is less risky than traveling indoors and in crowded places.
ecotourism Nowadays people live in a polluted urban society. various smoke Not as close to nature as it should be to behave naturally longing. want to travel as close to nature as possible making this form of tourism popular The business owner may target the elderly. family and friend groups

Build business alliances This method is one of creating new opportunities. that answer more questions than before to enhance service and create a new experience for tourists It also creates added business value. for example The hotel business may partner with the healthcare business. or a booking application for customers to receive special privileges in their stay This increases the chances of staying more. and comprehensively respond to consumer groups.

Adjust the marketing model.Because the new generation has more behaviors of using and consuming social media. Plus, in the past, many accommodations have come together to make the most of the crisis by renovating. improve the place accommodation interior including more modern services Therefore, the last trick to expanding your customer base in post-COVID travel is to adjust your marketing model. By using an online channel marketing model by creating video content to promote and update the location, influencers may be used to help promote in Live format to create a fresh experience. and stimulate the decision of the target tourists to come back again

Travel Guide, Immunized Travelers

Visiting the Thai Embassy’s CO VID 19 page is a good place to start learning about travel to Thailand. The language section of this web page provides basic summaries of all major languages spoken in Thailand, ท่องเที่ยว (Going At this website) including Thai, English, German, French, Japanese, and more. For those planning to travel to Thailand, see the U.S. Department of State’s webpage concerning CO VID 19. In case of an emergency, U.S. travelers should always have a backup plan for emergencies. The travel warnings issued by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be very helpful. Some of these warnings are available at the Thai Ministry’s site.

The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues travels advisories that it claims are necessary for foreign travelers to be aware of. These travel advisories warn against travel to northern Thailand, specifically Koh Tao, and prohibit entry into the Mekong Delta, including the Patong Beach area. The Advisories also advise against travel to the Gulf of Thailand, the Andaman Sea, and along the Burma-Cambodia border. Specific activities prohibited include trekking, scuba diving, bungee jumping, and fishing.

There have been instances of individuals traveling to Thailand using counterfeit or stolen passports. The Thai embassy reiterates that all travelers must obtain a government-issued travel visa from the Thai embassy when traveling to another country. If one is unable to present a government-issued travel visa when traveling to another country, his or her personal details may not be allowed to be changed on any Thai travel document, including passports. Individuals with criminal records or those who have recently traveled to northern Thailand are advised against traveling without travel insurance.

Foreign nationals traveling to Thailand should be in constant contact with their consular office. Consular officers provide the latest information on Thai immigration laws, including penalties for criminal acts. They can provide information on local festivals, events, and travel advisories. They can also assist with any problems or questions that you may have regarding your Thai passport, or the need to cancel or change your travel plans.

Some of the more stringent Thailand travel restrictions include not visiting Koh Tao island and Koh Phangan island. Both of these islands are regularly used by travelers. Neither island has been declared safe for travel. In addition, all travelers are forbidden from swimming on the open seas. Travelers are also forbidden from diving in the Pacific Ocean, and any activities that require puncture of the skin, piercing of the eyes, or piercing of the mouth are not permitted.

Thailand travel advisories caution against traveling to northern Thailand, especially Koh Tao island, due to violence in the last decade. For further information, travelers should consult Thailand’s Department of Foreign Affairs. The travel advisory also states that all travelers arriving in northern Thailand from April to December should avoid Koh Tao. No longer does Thailand enjoy a free trade agreement with China. There is a current investigation into whether products made in China contain lead. This is a big issue that has been plaguing the tourism industry in Thailand, and it could make travel to the country very problematic in the future.

One aspect of the Thai travel advisories that is always useful information is what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has to say about consular issues. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs website contains a helpful guide on the process of getting a new passport. The site includes a list of names of companies in Thailand that can help with any consular issues that a traveler might have. The website has a complete list of all embassies, consulates, and postings that are available in the region.

Travelers to Thailand will find that there are many options available to them when it comes to making the transition into the land of temples. However, travelers should be aware of the immunization requirements for travelers to participate in the Thai New Year celebrations. There are some hotels in Phuket that have their own immunization center. Those that do not will need to visit one of the immunization clinics that are found throughout the city.

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