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Do You Know How To “Innovate” Your Business So You Dominate Your Competition?

Do You Know How To “Innovate” Your Business So You Dominate Your Competition? Your spouse has decided to return to the workforce, so you must find a daycare center for your kids. All of them offer the same basic services and charge around the same price… except one. That “one” is 25% higher in price,… Read more »

Does Your Marketing Grab Your Prospects Attention?

Does Your Marketing Grab Your Prospects Attention? Do your marketing messages compel your prospects to buy what you sell? Do they tap into their basic emotions? Are you aware that prospects buy on emotion and justify their purchase with logic? What you need to know… Your marketing must convince your prospects that you offer “extraordinary… Read more »

How Can You Build A Million Dollar Business?

How would you like your business to generate a minimum of $1 million dollars per year? OK… so how do you plan to accomplish this goal? Here are the startling facts you MUST know… Less than 3% of small business owners make more than $100,000 annually and less than one half of 1% ever reach… Read more »

Does Your Business Need More Profits?

Would it shock you to know there are a multitude of strategies that could easily double or triple your business’s profits? For example, how often do you leverage off of your relationships with your current customers? Most business owner’s count their blessings that they sold them once and never consider going back and asking them… Read more »

Is Your Business Charging Optimal Prices?

Want to know the closely guarded secret when it comes to price? The buyer decides if the price you charge is acceptable by determining the benefits they’ll receive. Follow this to the letter and you can quickly and easily dominate your market. In fact, you’ll not only dominate, but you can charge double what your… Read more »

Does Your Business Need More Transactions?

Increasing the number of times your customers purchase from you represents a profound and simple business-building strategy that can easily double or triple your profits immediately, yet few businesses ever use it. If you have a business that has current customers, then you already have a relationship established with them. You have already invested substantial… Read more »

Does Your Business Need More Conversions?

How would you like to sell more of your products or services… without increasing your traffic? If that’s your goal, then you need to improve your conversion rate. Business owners are always looking for the magic formula that can optimize the performance of their lead generation efforts. Unfortunately, there is NO magic bullet… just a… Read more »

Does Your Business Need More Leads?

The most expensive and difficult function of any business is acquiring new customers. The reason it’s difficult has nothing to do with you, your business, or your marketing. It has to do with the growth of the Internet and the tremendous number of scams and charlatans that lurk online offering every bogus product and service… Read more »