How To You-Proof Your Business

In 2007, David Heimlich started a recreational sports league for adults, Nation Leagues, with nothing more than a $60 loan from his father.

After 11 years, he fell ill and needed to sell – but his hard work over the years amounted to a business of no value. Why? Heimlich ran every aspect of the business (from marketing, registration, and even refereeing the games). Without him, Nation Leagues was worthless.

Heimlich had one choice: transform the business into one that could thrive without him. Find out how he did it.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why lessons from the sale of a local sports league can apply to businesses of any size
  • How Heimlich made Nation Leagues less dependent on him
  • The role pricing played on Nation League’s growth
  • Why a failed sale turned into incredible growth

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