Niche Down To Jack Up Your Value

Gabriel Galvez founded Merger Labs to generate more leads for his investment banking clients by offering them digital marketing services. What started as a side project grew more quickly than anticipated, and within 18 months, Merger Labs was experiencing growing pains executing their marketing campaigns.

The company needed operations help, but instead of building the expertise in-house, Galvez approached Wonderist Agency, a digital marketing agency focused on supporting dentists, about adding a new vertical market to their offering.

Wonderist liked Merger Labs’ niche focus and earlier this year announced the acquisition of Merger Labs. In this episode, you’ll learn:

– How to use seasonality to structure an earn-out

– Why having a defensible niche market is essential to drive a premium valuation

– The importance of productizing your service model

– The dangers of waiting for the “perfect” deal

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