Building Your Valuable Business

Colonial Business Brokerage would love to help you sell your business,

but we’d rather help you sell your VALUABLE business.

Not every business owner we come across is looking to sell their business at this time. But every business owner we come in contact with wants to own a valuable business. Sometimes businesses are not quite ready to sell, even though an owner may want to, or they need a little work to be much more valuable then they are today.

Colonial Business Brokerage has teamed up with Small Business Value Building to provide programs and workshops designed to help small business owners grow the value of their businesses in a multitude of areas; such as financial performance, profitability, scalability, recurring revenue, customer satisfaction, employee empowerment, and much more.

We’ve worked with hundreds of business owners over the years, and have surveyed thousands more, and we have discovered that there are 8 Key Drivers of your company’s value.  Our programs and workshops are designed to work directly with the business owner to improve their company’s performance in any one, or all, of these value drivers.

The Principals at Colonial Business Brokerage are Certified Value Builders™ and use The Value Builder System™ as the basis for all of our programs and workshops.  The Value Builder System™ is a statistically proven methodology to improve the value of your business.  Regardless of what industry you’re in, The Value Builder System™ offers a structured methodology to boost the value of your company.

Our current Programs and Workshops

The Value Builder System™ Program

Value Builder ‘Express’ Workshop

Recurring Revenue Builder Workshop

Scalability Finder Workshop

Positioning Planner Workshop

Customer Satisfaction Builder Workshop

Maintenance & Service Contract Builder Workshop

FAQ Writer Workshop

Short List Builder Workshop

Transition Planning Workshop

For more information regarding our Programs and Workshops please contact Tom Flowers directly at (443) 982-7332 extension 701.