Selling Your Business

Selling your business is one of the most important transactions you can undertake.  You owe it to yourself put the same careful planning and dedication into the sale of your company that you did in creating and building your business.  Colonial Business Brokerage is here to assist you in all aspects of the sales process.

Our goal is to fill the void of high quality representation and service that exists between the real estate and investment banking industries for the sale of small-to-medium privately held businesses.  Selling businesses is our only business.

Colonial Business Brokerage Intermediaries are full-time professionals.  Whether we’re creating a Marketing Profile for your business, recasting your financials, or preparing a market valuation, qualifying potential buyers, coordinating buyer/seller meetings, conducting due diligence, or negotiating terms, we are with you every step of the way from listing to closing.

We operate within the strictest of confidentiality standards to protect sellers whose businesses could be adversely affected should their customers, employees, or competitors learn that their business is for sale.

If you’re considering the sale of your business, give Colonial Business Brokerage a call today at (443) 982-7332.