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Can changing your mindset really improve your business bottom line?

Most business owners start their own business based on their passion for what it is they do. Unfortunately, it takes much more than passion to build a successful business. You must have a specific vision for what it is you want your business to accomplish and the direction you want to take to produce the… Read more »

Check Out These “Before” And “After” Websites

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been discussing the fundamentals of marketing… • have something good to say • say it well • say it often Click here to review the video that explains the important factors that led to the creation of these fundamentals. Last week we continued our discussion about the second fundamental…… Read more »

Do You Know How To Turn Your Business Card Into A Lead Generating Machine?

  Do You Know How To Turn Your Business Card Into A Lead Generating Machine? Your business card is the most often overlooked form of lead generation. In fact, most business owners never even consider the possibility that their business card should be driving prospects to them in droves. And yet, it can be one… Read more »

Do you know that Web 2.0 is the future of all marketing?

Do You Know That Web 2.0 Is The Future Of All Marketing? Have you noticed that your marketing efforts seem to be consistently losing their effectiveness? Have you experienced a steadily declining ROI (return on investment) with your marketing? Are you wondering why you’re spending more for marketing and advertising… but seeing declining numbers of… Read more »

Do you know how much each prospect is worth to your business?

Do You Know How Much Each Client Is Worth To Your Business? The lifetime value of each client is defined as the total gross profit that you accumulate from a customer over their lifetime of doing business with you less the acquisition cost and marketing expenses over their lifetime. When you know this value, you… Read more »

The Secret To Great Marketing

Previously, we discussed the purpose of marketing… to help facilitate your prospects’ decision-making process. I also said there were two additional ways to view marketing’s purpose in simpler terms… enter the conversation taking place in the head of your prospect answer the number one question on your prospect’s mind… at just the right time I then asked… Read more »