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The Secret To Great Marketing

Previously, we discussed the purpose of marketing… to help facilitate your prospects’ decision-making process. I also said there were two additional ways to view marketing’s purpose in simpler terms… enter the conversation taking place in the head of your prospect answer the number one question on your prospect’s mind… at just the right time I then asked… Read more »

From 10 Employees to 10X Revenue

Alex Bates co-founded Mtell in 2006. The software company used artificial intelligence to predict when a piece of heavy machinery like an oil rig was about to fail so workers can preemptively fix what’s about to break. If that sounds like a niche service offering, it was. Bates and his co-founder were able to grow… Read more »

Did You Know This About Your Marketing?

Everything you have ever learned… everything you have ever been taught… and everything you have ever been told about marketing is WRONG! Please consider this! Next time you’re online, I want you to search out and compare a few websites. Compare 2 or more moving company websites, or perhaps fencing contractors, or attorneys, or accountants… Read more »